This magazine comes from individuals who care about artists and believe that artists' lives have a special meaning in our society. The magazine focuses on biography and autobiography. The goal is to present information about individuals who have dedicated years to perfecting their arts. 

   Contributions to the American Center for Artists are very much appreciated. Donations will be used to defray the costs of web hosting, domain name registration, purchasing software and hardware, and defraying the costs of postage. We also hope at some point to be able to pay our writers. The magazine is a kind of cooperative effort to support the various arts and to bring recognition to artists. We would appreciate any donation you choose to make. 
   Please send donations to TCWP, P.O. Box 428, Montrose, Alabama, 36559. Checks should be made out to TCWP. 
All supporters who wish to be will be mentioned in the magazine.
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